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Does your vehicle suspension bounce when driving down the road? Dip and bottom out when going over bumps? Do you fight your vehicle to drive in a straight line? If so, it's time to leave worry and that bad vehicle suspension and steering behind. Let Midway Motors diagnose your suspension problem so your vehicle has the most comfortable ride possible with the look you want.

Steering Repair & Suspension Services at Midway Motors

Suspension, Shocks and Struts
A vehicle suspension and steering system serves two purposes - managing the handling of your vehicle on the road and improving comfort by minimizing bumps and vibrations in the passenger cabin. Over time, key components such as ball joints, tie-rod ends and bushings can wear out even in normal use. Hitting or running over obstacles like potholes or curbs may damage some of the same components. Worn or broken parts can affect the ride, handling and safety of your vehicle. 

Shocks and struts are integral components of your vehicle's suspension system. Over time, shocks and struts can become worn, affecting ride comfort and handling. Our Midway Motors Technicians can tell you when it's time for these suspension components to be replaced.

Leveling Kits
Leveling systems are available for a wide range of applications and solutions. Pickup trucks come from the factory with a forward pitch to make them more aerodynamic and level when carrying a payload. Front leveling kits are available in either a fixed or adjustable height to help level the vehicle. For trucks with snow plows or that carry/tow heavy payloads, adjustable air bag suspension provides the ability to adjust your vehicle to the current load conditions.

Lift Kit Installation
Lift your vehicle to help increase your car or truck's ground clearance. This will also allow you to increase your tire and wheel sizes over stock.

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