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When you're driving down the road and notice your vehicle running sluggishly or lacking acceleration, it might be time for a fuel system cleaning. A clogged fuel system or fuel filter can rob your vehicle of fuel efficiency and performance. Our Trusted Technicians at Midway Motors have the tools, materials and training to clean your fuel system of performance-robbing deposits and replace your old fuel filter when replacement is called for.

Every time you press the gas pedal, you control how much fuel and air the engine takes in. Over time, deposits can form in critical areas of the fuel system, resulting in reduced fuel economy, loss of power and other drive-ability issues. Periodic fuel system cleaning can help to maintain optimal engine performance. Midway Motors Technicians use multi-step cleaners to remove deposits from the fuel system, injectors and combustion chamber. If your fuel filter needs to be replaced, either because it's clogged or is at the end of its useful life we offer that service as well. 

Engine Repair at Midway Motors

Fuel Injector Cleaning
Midway Motors' fuel injection cleaning service helps clean the fuel system, injectors and combustion chamber using multistep cleaners to remove deposits.

Fuel Filter Replacement
The fuel filter keeps dirt and contaminants that may be in your gas tank from reaching sensitive fuel system parts like fuel injectors, where they could seriously affect drive-ability. The old fuel filter is removed and replaced with a new one that meets your manufacturer's recommendations. 

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Fuel System Cleaning Available at Midway Motors Chrysler

Is your vehicle getting lower gas mileage, has a loss in power, and/or a hesitation when you put your foot down on the gas? Any of these signs might mean that you need to clean your fuel system out. It isn't a complicated procedure and is important if you want your vehicle to run at its highest performance. At Midway Motors Chrysler, we can perform a full fuel system cleaning for your vehicle at our service center.

What is a Fuel System Cleaning?

Several components make up your fuel system, including your gas tank, fuel line, fuel filters, fuel pumps, and fuel injectors. All of these mechanisms work together to pump fuel through your engine and it is important that the spray that comes from the fuel injectors to be wide and fine in order for the spark to ignite.

You can think of your fuel injector similar to an aerosol can, the substance within the can comes out in a fine, even mist. However, if the tiny nozzles on the fuel injectors get clogged, the stream is no longer fine and even but rather gloppy and won't ignite fully which leaves you with less power all while using more gas.

There are three steps to cleaning your fuel system and at Midway Motors Chrysler, we can do all three. 

  • First, we will clean the gas pump, fuel lines, and injectors by adding a cleaner we use to the gas and the running engine.
  • Second, we add another cleaner directly to the warm engine to remove any gunk or carbon deposits from the combustion chambers.
  • And finally, we hand-clean the air intake using a third cleaner with the help of bottle brushes to remove rough deposits that can disturb air flow and cut efficiency.

So, when you think your fuel system needs a little tender love and care, stop on by Midway Motors and our certified technicians can help you get your vehicle performing at its peak once again.